At All Star we support and promote
Responsible Drinking




The men and women of All Star Distributing care deeply about how our industry affects the community. You have our word that our promotional and marketing efforts shall not encourage or endorse the irresponsible sale, purchase or consumption of beer. Indeed all of our efforts are directed towards the legal, responsible and safe enjoyment of beer and malt-based beverages. All Star and its suppliers are extensively involved in campaigns to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol. We are proud of the fact that All Star’s entire sales team has been trained and certified in TIPS intervention strategies, which advocates the responsible enjoyment of alcohol by adults.

TIPS® Certification

Because we care about our community, All Star Distributing offers an educational opportunity for our valued customers that details information necessary for the proper service of alcohol. For a nominal fee, (cost of course materials only), our TIPS certified trainers will travel to your establishment and conduct a class for your employees.

The TIPS program or “Training for Intervention ProcedureS,” promotes the proper use of alcohol and heightens alcohol awareness. This program covers the issues that concern servers including age verification, liability and excessive consumption. Upon completion of the seminar, a certification test is administered and those who pass will be TIPS certified for three years. A properly trained staff may lessen the likelihood that you will be cited for LCB violations or be sued. Please call 610.670.2337 ext. 613 for TIPS seminar information.

Helpful Links

As a responsible purveyor of alcohol, we have assembled for you a list of web sites that can help answer your questions about alcohol and its effects on individuals and families. For example, you may want some guidance on serving alcohol at home or discussing alcohol with children and teens. Perhaps you or someone you know has an alcohol or substance abuse problem. Below you will find helpful links that will facilitate your search.



Foundation for
Advancing Alcohol

Beer Serves

Liquor Control
Board (PLCB)

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Recovery for Life